A Smart, Decentralized Platform That Always Pays You First!

What is Starwire?

We program your creative work to pay you first.

Decentralized Registry

Time stamp and sign your digital asset and receive your anonymous identifier.

Vault of Value™

Choose or create a Smart Contract that defines your asset value and installs a digital invoice or a fair use contract.

Share, Distribute, Promote

Release your content to the world knowing your asset will execute the Smart Contract before it’s consumed.

Direction To Pay

Get paid directly in any currency. Blockchain is the future of remittance. No high transfer costs
Simplified experience, speed, security, privacy and anonymity and no middleman.


The Starwire Payment Card Embossed with Your Brand

Virtual and plastic prepaid debit cards instantly loaded from your wallet. 

Mobile App

Mobile Wallet. More Options.

Register Your Work On-The-Go. Receive Royalties and Make Payments.

Create Project

Start logging your creative work on-the-go, anywhere.


Quick start documentation at point of creation.

Register Works

Attach payment profiles and equity stakes with a simple tap.

Receive Payments

Receive micro payments globally using Bitcoin for sales transactions.

Send Money

Send any amount of money anywhere in the world for a single flat fee.

Grow Your Wealth

Trade cash, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to profit from spreads

Advanced Blockchain Technology using Ethereum Smart Contracts

What problems do we solve?

Content creators benefit from financial rewards and content security.

Content consumers benefit from fair prices and behaviour incentivizing.

Value Loss

The media industry is stuck with licensing, distribution and collection structures that are pre-internet. A handful of global players use their cartel power to unfairly take advantage of content creators.

Piracy and Payment

Content creation is often a collaborative effort and payment structures can be complicated, time consuming and rely on trust and middlemen.


Sending money to productions overseas or across borders has always been expensive. Western Union fees, foreign exchange fees, slow bank transfers often leave cast and crews waiting for pay-checks and operating capital, resulting in ballooning costs and wasted valuable time.

Advanced Tracking

Every digital asset can notify Starwire and the content creators, where and when a Smart Contract has been executed. The database updates transparently and becomes a single source of truth. No fancy Hollywood Accounting tricks.

The Starwire™ blockchain application has an API that can augment legacy platforms like IMDb



Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the way content creators within the entertainment industry get credit for their intellectual property and get paid when their work is consumed.


We use machine-learning, blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a transparent way for artists, film-makers, writers, actors, musicians, game designers or any creative contributor to a digital asset, to secure their IP and receive micro payments when the smart contracts are triggered.


The blockchain enables new ways to think about the value exchange between creators, middlemen and consumers. Through the use of this emerging technology we are better able to capture and distribute value much more efficiently enabling an environment that rewards creation from content creators and reduces piracy by content consumers.

Plays Well With Others

While it’s popular to disrupt and decentralize the status quo, we also know that building authentic relationships with industry leaders, content creators and organizations is the key to solving big problems.

Imagine a digital agent like Jerry MacGuire representing your content at every transaction!

A decentralized platform for the registration of creative content that certifies ownership and defines the payees at the point of creation .


Easy and Free

Writers, Producers, Actors, Musicians and all content contributors can use for free.

Industry Standard

IMDb, Screen Actors Guild, Producers Guild, Grammy Foundation and more, all support a fair system for recognition and rewards.

Bitcoin and Fiat Cash

Borderless remittance. Fractional payments. Royalty calculations and digital asset tracking. No banks needed!

Multiple Streams of Income

No limit to the digital assets you create and distribute. Easy to scale and integrate joint ventures.



Colin Wiebe

Colin Wiebe

President / CEO

Colin Wiebe is a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive, who founded Matrix Blockchain Development Corp to build applications for the emerging blockchain revolution. Colin founded and branded Imagination Park Entertainment (CSE: IP) a publicly traded Company that was started to produce feature films and virtual reality content. He is also co-founder of Casa Humana, a charitable organization that works to build homes for the homeless around the world.

Dmitry Sergeev

Dmitry Sergeev

Head of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain leader for Matrix. Dmitry is also CEO at SHS, an international technology consulting firm in AI, Big Data and Blockchain. Predictive analytics maestro. Responsible for the granulating and designing of blockchain philosophy and projects for top European financial institutions.

Geneva Wasserman

Geneva Wasserman

VP Marketing

Geneva has served in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years in the roles of entertainment licensing attorney, business and legal affairs, business development, creative development, marketing and PR, film finance, and all aspects of film and television production. Ms. Wasserman has worked with such iconic brands and properties such as Disney, Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, Oxygen, El Rey, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Sony Imageworks, DreamWorks Animation, Ubisoft, Fox Searchlight, Mercedes Benz, Twentieth Century Fox, Discovery, Microsoft, Vanguard Films, Skechers, among others.

Garnet Campbell

Garnet Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

Film Producer & Digital Cinema Education Strategist. A highly experienced media producer with an impressive track record of more than 25 years of hands-on experience in media production, business development, project management, marketing strategies and team building.


Richard W. Evans

Richard W. Evans

Financial Advisor

Richard W. Evans, MBA, CBV, ASA  has over thirty years of business and management experience having worked with firms in the in a variety of industries and business sectors – with a passion in the technology and sports segments. For more than fifteen years Richard was a principal and co-owner of a fee-for-service consultancy firm in Vancouver, BC. Richard has decades of experience working in the areas of valuation, litigation support, mergers & acquisitions and capital formation.

Dave McIlroy

Dave McIlroy

Industry Advisor

Dave McIlroy has built and sold three companies in the telecommunications and broadcasting industry. Dave is an authority in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and has a vision to it’s use with streaming video. He currently owns Playfullscreen a broadcasting system which produces multi-camera mixing, instant reply, slow motion, on screen graphics for network news servers.

Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton

Blockchain Advisor

Matthew Hamilton is an advisor for the Bitcoin & Blockchain Alliance of Canada. Mr. Hamilton holds a B.Sc in Natural Resource Management as well as a Masters degree with focused studies in finance, economics and management. Mr. Hamilton has worked primarily in financial markets, investment banking, accounting, managerial and corporate communications capacity. Matthew spends time in Dubai working on enterprise-level use cases applying blockchain technology to incentivize behavior and also holds the position of Director of Strategic Partnerships at Loyyal.

Bernie Schneider

Bernie Schneider

Sales Advisor

Experienced Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the fundraising, corporate sales, direct marketing and promotional advertising industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Strategic Partnerships and Project Management.



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