What is Starwire?

Program your creative work to pay you first.


You have a group of people and a great idea, whether its a movie, a song, a game or phone app. You’re ready to lay out the terms of how you are going to split future profits from this endevor.


Each member of the team will download the DApp and enter the details of their identity and initilize their account which becomes also their digital wallet.


This is the heart of the processs as each team will create their revenue split percentages, income tiers, milestone triggers and deferred invoices. Our process helps guide you through this step and then lets you simulate income flowing through your project to make sure your splits have been calculated correctly.


When your project starts making money, the revenues are all paid to your Starwire collection account in fiat currency either through INTERACT (available in Canada), credit card payments or regular bank transfers. Those payments are converted to a digital stablecoin that allows for borderless macro & micropayments to your teams individual wallets.


Your Starwire DApp has helped you monitor progress each step of the way keeping you informed what has been happening with your project and now payments are being made into your digital stablecoin account. When you are ready to transfer funds out of your Starwire DApp and into your regular bank account its as easy as sending an INTERAC transfer ( for Canadians ) or electronic bank transfer for international users, to the bank of your choice.


CASE STUDY: post production film investment


Producers of the The Key to Christmas used an alpha version of the Starwire DApp to raise funds to complete post production and take the film to market in November 2020.

What problems do we solve?

Content creators benefit from financial rewards and content security.

Content consumers benefit from fair prices and behaviour incentivizing.

Value Loss
The media industry is stuck with licensing, distribution and collection structures that are pre-internet. A handful of global players use their cartel power to unfairly take advantage of content creators.
Piracy and Payment
Content creation is often a collaborative effort and payment structures can be complicated, time consuming and rely on trust and middlemen.
Sending money to productions overseas or across borders has always been expensive. Western Union fees, foreign exchange fees, slow bank transfers often leave cast and crews waiting for pay-checks and operating capital, resulting in ballooning costs and wasted valuable time.
Advanced Tracking
Every digital asset can notify Starwire and the content creators, where and when a Smart Contract has been executed. The database updates transparently and becomes a single source of truth. No fancy Hollywood Accounting tricks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the way content creators within the entertainment industry get credit for their intellectual property and get paid when their work is consumed.


We use machine-learning, blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a transparent way for artists, film-makers, writers, actors, musicians, game designers or any creative contributor to a digital asset, to secure their IP and receive micro payments when the smart contracts are triggered.


The blockchain enables new ways to think about the value exchange between creators, middlemen and consumers. Through the use of this emerging technology we are better able to capture and distribute value much more efficiently enabling an environment that rewards creation from content creators and reduces piracy by content consumers.

Starwire is proud to be the first of it’s kind to be designed for the modern internet.

Partnering with Elastos prepares us for the future.




While it’s popular to disrupt the status quo, we also know that building authentic relationships

with industry leaders, content creators and organizations is the key to solving big problems.

Imagine a digital agent like Jerry MacGuire representing your content at every transaction!

A decentralized platform for the registration of creative content that certifies ownership and defines the payees at the point of creation .


Easy and Free
Writers, Producers, Actors, Musicians and all content contributors can use Starwire.io for free.
Industry Standard
IMDb, Screen Actors Guild, Producers Guild, Grammy Foundation and more, all support a fair system for recognition and rewards.
Bitcoin and Fiat Cash
Borderless remittance. Fractional payments. Royalty calculations and digital asset tracking. No banks needed!
Multiple Streams of Income
No limit to the digital assets you create and distribute. Easy to scale and integrate joint ventures.

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