Frequently asked questions

Normally the project owner is the project producer, who invites the various stakeholders to participate. The producer would lay out the original tiers. Stakeholders join the project and would then either sign on at those percentages or negotiate until everyone is in agreement. Once the contract is deployed it would need everyone to resign it to make any changes.

We use a slightly modified SAAS model that incorporates the use of our Star token. Our subscription uses smart contracts so rewards and % of these signup effects are parts of our ecosystem such as our Treasury Fund.

This tool is free for anyone to use across the globe. Our tokens are decentralized so you can be assured that where ever our community members may find themsleves that access to those tokens is always there.

CEO Colin Wiebe has had an extensive career in the music industry and saw the potential of Blockchain tech shortly after seeing digital currencies emerge. Co-founder Garnet Campbell producing independant films also saw the opportunity to solve finance problems in that field. The resulting collaboration is

We are looking for devs skilled in solidity and react. Give us a shout if you are interested.