Shaping the future

Starwire is a new decentralized platform that offers a smarter solution for financiers. The token system embodies decentralized finance and true transparency like never before. Incentivizing participation, & giving a voice to those fans that will be the future audience, Starwires model gives more confidence to financiers looking to make better decisions that turn into better returns. Transparent funding and distribution of funds at it’s best!

The Star Token

This token unlocks the App, it gives voice to our fans, allows proposals to be written. Rewards reviewers and Liquidity Providers.

The Treasury

Our Treasury vault is always growing and being deployed to the best of the best content creators

The Liquidity Pool

Our liquidity pools are the heart of this DEFI ecosystem, and we have many ways to reward our LP token holders.

The Starwire Ecosystem

In order to understand what it means to be a part of the Starwire community lets look at the three core Pillars. The Treasury Fund, The Star Token and The Liquidity Pools



Have a movie pitch ready to go? Need some funding to help record your new album? The reason we started Starwires treasury fund was to provide an alternative for film and music industry creatives. Now you can submit projects for consideration using star tokens, Industry Professionals give you expert feedback that helps move your project forward  to our community vote. 
Our treasury fund is always growing from several sources: 1) profits from our Smart Contract Builder App to Beastmode fees from our Hives and Farms.

contract: 0x32c37d437cF65b64c4eEa18f0c70Dd62317C2864



We’re giving people who trust and stake Star tokens, voting power on what they think could be the next success in music entertainment or movies. This voting community will be the first to earn exclusive rewards, REVENUE YIELDS & NFT DROPS

Token: STR
contract: 0x11C1a6B3Ed6Bb362954b29d3183cfA97A0c806Aa
Fair Start – The Starwire token is not premined or presold


Liquidity pools are the heart of this DEFI ecosystem, and we have many ways for LP token holders to benefit. Simply by staking your LPs, you can enjoy yeilding more Star from multiple sources. 1) Projects using our App. 2) Revenue streams from Star funded Projects 3) Special NFT drops from Starwire partners and more!