NFTs Got Talent is a Twitter Spaces singing contest hosted by DJ Dora [@DoraWCrypto] every day at 4 pm PDT.


Anyone (who’s brave enough) can join the Twitter Space and get on the mic.


Each participant will audition for their chance at 60 seconds to fame. That’s ONE MINUTE TO MAKE IT!


Semi finalists are selected weekly to go to “Virtual Vegas” for a final competition where the winner each month will get a recording contract for one song with accredited producers and our team of music mentors and coaches from the and group. The winner will also receive an Allstar Goat NFT!

Every StarTalk show we announce winners of the previous week who are going to virtual “VEGAS”

Dream it. Earn it. Live it.

Judges, Mentors, & Coaches

Colin Wiebe

Colin Arthur Wiebe is a musician, creative director, author, speaker and entrepreneur best known as a singer/songwriter with 5 nationally released CD’s who toured as lead singer with Canadian classic rock legend, Randy Bachman for nearly two decades. He's the Founder and CEO of Sessionwire and Fast Creative Inc. too!

Deanna Wheeler

Country music artist and military veteran Deanna Wheeler had began her music career in 2017. That was far from the beginning of her story. Wheeler had joined the Air Force in 2009 against to be stationed in Afghanistan where she was critically injured. The recovery process had been a long and tedious journey. Over the years, Wheeler found herself in love and then heartbreak. Wheeler then found love again in her three children. After a move from California to Austin, Texas, Wheeler found her place in music.

Bboy Phosphate

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Hip Hop Producer and Artist located in Vancouver, Canada

Pretty Weird Blonde

Pretty Weird Blonde is a wild singer/songwriter who is making a name for herself as a trend-setting entertainer. Her alien persona is gaining traction with tens of thousands of fans who are flocking to her out-of-the-box approach to mainstream entertainment. She is on a mission to create music as a portal into other dimensions, helping listeners to expand beyond the confines of this 3D reality. She’s redefining pop-culture by bringing awareness to conscious content and daring audiences to reconnect with their galactic roots.

Raven Blackwell

RAVEN BLACKWELL (formerly Suzanne Gitzi) honours the music of Bette Midler in a stage show featuring the music and theatrics of this music icon. BLACKWELL is a veteran of the Canadian music scene with a #1 Hit, “The Runaround”. Ravens’ powerful voice coupled with her dynamic live show have made audiences and critics turn up their radios from coast to coast. Her voice transcends titles of style. From pop to soul & blues and beyond, she has been welcomed with standing ovations everywhere she has appeared!