smart contract powered revenue distribution platform for content creators

create your team of stakeholders

Easy invitations for stakeholders to join your contract.

Create your tier revenue splits

Each tier of your contract allows you to decide what percentage each stakeholder will recieve.

Revenue simulator

Our simulator will show you how each stakeholder fares as money comes into your contract. Make strategic decisions to craft your contract perfectly as you see live results.

automated payments

Automated payments to stakeholders wallets and reports to stakeholders makes accounting simple.

Sign In

Starwire is a global borderless monetary and creative network. Joining is simple, our financial network permissionless, nuetral  and censorship resistant.

The Tier builder


Who are the key players in your project? How will you reward them?

Target Revenue

For every tier their is a goal or milestone usually tied to a specific number the Primary Stakeholder for the tier must achieve before moving forward to the next tier.

Share Sliders

Creating the right splits should be easy. Set your percentages quickly then test your agreements to see how they respond with our contract simulator.

Maximum productivity

Revenue Simulator

When you design your contracts you want your entire team to see how this will play out and when they can expect to see certain returns. Estimated and Actual

Profile Dashboard

Whether its one project or many your Starwire Dashboard keeps you informed of all relevant communication coming and going.

Projects Index

Your project page lets you search for and sort through your contracts with relevant filters. 

Choose the perfect plan

To access advanced features of the Starwire Smart Contract Builder. Users pay in Star tokens for the annual plan.
* these prices are estimated and will vary upon date that the service launches




Per year paid in STR tokens


Per year paid in STR tokens

An App doesn't make a team, but can help it work better.